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Hello I am a new programmer that has only basic knowledge of C++(classes, structures, etc.) and I am trying to find out how to generate a 3D space where I take the coordinates of the windows I have open and map them to new locations in this 3D space. I have looked online and it seems I need to use DirectX to generate 3D but is this the right direction? I am only trying to make a Windows interface in a 3D space.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Sep-14 22:13pm    
Not clear what do you mean by "generating 3D space". Space is space; it is already "generated". DirectX is more related to rendering, and this is not the only way to render 3D images; you can use even old rusty GDI/GDI+... What you choose depends on many factors, including your level of knowledge.
Member 11029991 5-Sep-14 11:52am    
Thank you for the reply. Ok I see I don't really want to generate a 3D space. I want to be able to read the position variables of each program window that I have open and then be able to translate these values into windows in various locations of the 3D space around me. Kind of like a 3D user interface. With no experience in Windows programming I am not sure where I can find those values.
KarstenK 5-Sep-14 13:39pm    
I really recommand you to learn about OpenGL because it is portable on different platforms.

You must understand, that your output is the display and it is 2D. So you must project yout 3D model to a 2D rectangle.
Member 11029991 5-Sep-14 18:17pm    
Yes I see. One last question. In Open GL if I were to render the 3D space, can I collect views from two different vantage points to use for stereoscopic 3D?
Stefan_Lang 9-Sep-14 5:01am    
Short answer: yes.

Long answer: I suggest googling for C++ solutions to drawing stereoscopic 3D images. One of the more prominent sites using OpenGL would be . But you can easily find more.

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