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I have created a Barcode windows application for windows mobile CE 6.0 device. This app scan the barcode and display all the information such as Barcode no, type etc.
My requirement is that, i want to send this barcode no to WCF service that is hosted on IIS of desktop computer.

Here is my code sample..
1. IService
public interface IService

string GetBarcodeNo(int value);


2. Service
public class Service : IService
public string GetBarcodeNo(int value)
return string.Format("Your scanned barcode no is : {0}", value);

3. My Windows application for Windows Mobile CE 6.0

WinWebSer.MyServiceRef.Service obj = new Service();
string returnMsg = obj.GetBarcodeNo(Convert.ToInt32(txtBarcodeNo.Text), true);

But when i run win appl in device, it throws error "Unable to connect to remote server".

I have no idea about how to achieve this concept.
Please help me.

Updated 9-Sep-14 23:13pm
Nelek 10-Sep-14 4:24am    
Don't think we can read minds or do astral projections to see your monitor. If you need help, the least you could do is to add some relevant code to your question or to explain your problem in such a way, that the users of CP can understand it. Otherwise, nobody will be able to help you.

Please use the "improve question" and add relevant information or a piece of code envolved. There are thousands of ways to screw things up, how are we supposed to know which one did you choose?

Please read following links, they will help you to understand what I mean and to improve your question so that you get the needed answer.
What have you tried?[^]
How to ask a question?[^]
best way to post code snippets[^]
Ganesh11021423 10-Sep-14 5:16am    
Thanks Nelek

I am new in CP.
I have improved my question and description.
Thanks for the guidlines

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