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With a small client program to send data to a server that listen on 8001 port I'm trying. But I send data on a server chinese characters appear in the information received and only then going on a server problem does not appear when tested on other servers, all data goes smoothly. Server's client program is going full data gone. Can I be in a place I doing wrong.

Note: Listener server is korean made.

my code:

Dim Baglanti As New TcpClient
Dim Data As NetworkStream


Baglanti.Connect(IPBox.Text, PortBox.Text)
Data = Baglanti.GetStream()

Data send

Dim GidenVeri() As Byte = Encoding.UTF8.GetBytes(TextBox5.Text)
Data.Write(GidenVeri, 0, GidenVeri.Length)



listener output ( my problems)


1 solution

Ok my problem was solved. I solved the problem as follows:

I changed this line and worked successfully.

Dim GidenVeri() As Byte = Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(Textbox5.text)

Thanks to everyone.
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