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How do i draw lines and curves on a form from within a running program
in vb2008.
Also stuck with creating variables which are seen throughout app.

Needed for personal project, any help will be helpful.
Updated 17-May-10 18:01pm

I can't give you the VB code - I use C#, but it is the same stuff under the hood.

To draw lines and curves, handle the forms Paint event. It has an EventArgs parameter, which contains a Graphics object.
The Graphics object supports functions like DrawLine, DrawArc, etc. which are what you need to use.

In C# we can't create global variables, and I suspect VB is the same - instead we make them part of the form or other class and access them that way.
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William Winner 17-May-10 16:31pm    
actually, in VB, you can do a global variable. All you have to do is create a module and then declare a Public variable within that. Any public variable within the module will be visible to the whole project.
Drawing lines - here.

Variables that need to be seen throughout app - use Public.
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