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I'm doing a project in computer vision for my course, and I have some problems, and I wonder if you can help me.
I read ANN article + lot of staff on the net, and my project is basically finished, except 3 main problems that I don't know how to solve:

1. If I have 1 output neuron, the total error decrease for the pattern ('a'), but when I run the network with another character, the result is the same as if I entered the pattern's character.

2. With 2+ neurons in the output layer, the total error of the layer is always increases :/

3. When a value of an error is too close to 1 to 0, the functions return 1 or 0 (like int value), and it is affect the whole weight calculation (and maybe 1 & 2 above)

I'm looking for someone who can solve these problems..I have no one in college who knows how to program an ANN (just mathematical theory)

I can send my project if you want is very clear

Thank you for your time! :thumbsup:
Updated 17-May-10 12:09pm

You appear to be 'talking' to the author of an article. There is no guarantee that he/she will see it in this forum.

You would be better to go back to the article, scroll to the bottom and then click on the 'New Message' widget. If you post your question there it will be emailed to the author. :)
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FoodGood 17-May-10 18:12pm    
I figured it out few minutes after I wrote this, and I tried to edit it so that it will look like I ask everyone : )))
but thank you for telling me..I'll do it
My guess is that only a handful of people that are registered on this site would know anything about ANN (Anime News Network? actually, I do know it means artificial neural network).

You're going to need to find an expert in the field and ask them.
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