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hi friends,

I have developed web based project with Purely using Webmethods,Jquery with html input tags. But one one of my Senior developer not accepting this way of Webmethods. Can you please suggest me to use Webmethods are not?
Updated 22-Sep-14 21:37pm
Thanks7872 23-Sep-14 2:38am    
First of all, in any project/App what you use needs answer to why you use it. Explain it to your senior.

Further, if he is not agree with what you have implemented, you should ask him why not to use this scenario.
vijaytaluri 23-Sep-14 3:01am    
hi Rohan Leuva,
Please tell me,if we can delevelop web project purely in webmethods means is it good or not for a developer? I think webmethods by using Ajax call in aspx pages means the page will become light weight
Thanks7872 23-Sep-14 3:18am    
As i stated earlier, clear only two statements and your issue will be resolved.

- Why you have used it? (Advantages). If you think page becomes light weight, demonstrate it to him.

- Why he doesn't need this way? Whats the issue?
vijaytaluri 23-Sep-14 5:55am    
ThankU sankarsan parida for your replay
Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter 23-Sep-14 2:39am    
Use them if it fits!
It is hard to tell as we do not know your project and do not know the reasons of your senior to not accepting...

1 solution

If your senior opposes using web method , you can try with WCF. Please read the difference here : What's the Difference between WCF and Web Services?[^]

and you can learn WCF here : A Beginner's Tutorial for Understanding Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)[^]
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