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Getting an error and warning as :

1. Server tag is not well formed
2. Unrecognized tag prefix or device filter 'telerik'.

can anyone please tell me Step by step procedure for adding telerik rad grid?

Thanks in advance.
Updated 25-Sep-14 0:50am
[no name] 25-Sep-14 7:51am    
Sure, Telerik can tell you. Read the documentation and if that does not answer your question, then ask their customer service people.

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Leena 206 25-Sep-14 5:51am    
Farrukh, I know that example..
I am trying to implement grid like that but its giving me error(warning message) as stated above
Show your code there is issue in your hrml tags may be
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have you added dll file to your solution?
if not add dll to your page
then register dll in your page

add below code to your page to register dll
<%@ Register Assembly="Telerik.Web.UI" Namespace="Telerik.Web.UI" TagPrefix="telerik" %>
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Leena 206 26-Sep-14 0:49am    
yes, I have already done modifications in web.config.

If I am taking RadGrid, Its giving me error as -
The type or namespace name 'Telerik' could not be found in the global namespace (are you missing an assembly reference?)
but if I am taking RadButton as a control, Its not breaking build..!(why?)
ClimerChinna 29-Sep-14 0:22am    
could you post your code so that I can check where it was going wrong
Leena 206 29-Sep-14 1:37am    
< add tagprefix="telerik" namespace="Telerik.Web.UI" assembly="Telerik.Web.UI">

.aspx page:

<telerik:radgrid id="RadGrid1" enableviewstate="false" runat="server" allowpaging="true"
allowsorting="True" allowfilteringbycolumn="true" gridlines="None" >
Leena 206 29-Sep-14 1:41am    
In web.config for code of add tagprefix, it don't have any spaces, but for displaying comment in this comment box, I added those spaces.
ClimerChinna 29-Sep-14 4:35am    
add the above code to add tagprefix in .aspx page of your page and try again

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