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Hi i am working on a project which is completely done by HTML5,MVC 4,CSS 3, JQuery, LINQ. There are a lot of ui,li and other html controls and we have done styles for those elements. Now i have a situation that i must include a JQ Grid ( , we were using our own client side grid. Now what the problem is if i use the style sheet of the JQ Grid on the page, there is a possibility to get affected to other element also. Anyway i am gonna use that perticular grid inside a div element i need that style sheet should be affected to that the elements which all are inside that div. Is there any possibilities?

(I wonder if this is possible in this way ;)
<div id="jqgridcontainer" stylesheet="styles/jqgrid/">  my ui elements here </div>
, i know its not possible in this way )

NB: editing[^] by adding "jqgridcontainer" div id to all the element css is not possible.
Updated 9-Oct-14 1:43am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 9-Oct-14 11:33am    
It all makes no sense. CSS usage is very simple and logical. And your idea is not. Element's style is defined by one or more CSS classes, not a stylesheet (which is just a file).
Add your own style sheet and use it. Or use the same one. Stylesheets cannot be "affected", they affect the rendering. Artificial problem, I would say...
[no name] 9-Oct-14 11:42am    
But i am ready to use the stylesheet , he problem is when i drag and drop the new style sheet my existing UI element also getting affected. So the only possibility is to restrict the style sheet to that div.

1 solution

I have found the answer myself , after 2 hours of search in Google.

    <style scoped>
        @import "scoped.css";

Read here :[^]

As Richard Deeming suggested, I am adding that option here. Thank you Richard Deeming
By default, that only works in Firefox:

For all other browsers, you'll need a polyfill, as mentioned in the linked SO thread:
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Richard Deeming 9-Oct-14 13:13pm    
By default, that only works in Firefox:[^]

For all other browsers, you'll need a polyfill, as mentioned in the linked SO thread:[^]
[no name] 9-Oct-14 13:16pm    
Thanks a lot for the great information . My vote of 10
Thanks7872 31-Oct-14 5:11am    
And then also you have accepted your own solution? Why?

Do you know what does it mean by accepting the solution?
[no name] 31-Oct-14 5:57am    
Yes, may i know why there is a button called "I've solved this myself!" ? After a lot of searching only i found this answer!. And i thought to share it here. What is the problem in it? Why did you down vote my answer sir?
Thanks7872 31-Oct-14 6:01am    
This code won't work with all the browsers,hence can not be a solution. After a lot of searching if you manage(I don't call it 'solve') your issue, that doesn't become solution.

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