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I need to do a hit test on a PNG, but not on the original image. I have an image of a model's face, and I need a hit test for her lips, her cheeks, her eyes etc. This would be done by drawing other objects over parts of her face, e.g. an ellipsoid type shape over her lips. Doing a hit test on that would be quite easy, but resizing that if the face image resizes, or moving that if the face image moves is what is worrying me.

What are my options here?
George Jonsson 10-Oct-14 5:24am    
What programming language are you using?
Brady Kelly 10-Oct-14 5:25am    
JavaScript, but with possible AJAX callbacks to the server, then probably PHP.
YDaoust 6-Mar-23 8:24am    
Do you mean that you want to anchor some graphics primitives to the picture of a face (contours ?) and let these primitives follow the face motion in subsequent frames ?

Unless the head pose varies very little, you will have to map a 3D face model onto the frames.

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