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I am writing program installer using VB.Net and I am facing difficulty in disabling UAC to complete the installaion.
Here is the code that I am using it to disable the UAC:

Dim regKey As RegistryKey
        Dim ver As Decimal
        Dim keyst As String = "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System"
        regKey = Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(keyst, True)
        ver = regKey.GetValue("EnableLUA", 0.0)
        If ver = 1.0 Then
            regKey.SetValue("EnableLUA", 0)
            'My.Computer.Registry.SetValue("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\System", "EnableLUA", 0)
        End If

I am attempting to write values to the registry, but get an
UnauthorizedAccessException when I try to do a SetValue on an existing key.

Any help please :)
Updated 20-May-10 9:39am
Dalek Dave 20-May-10 15:33pm    
Edited for readability

Gee - UAC would be super useful if it only protected people from programs written by peopel who didn't know how to just turn it off.

UAC is a joke, but it's obvious to me that you can't turn it off in code.
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You need to have administrator rights, is typically how it works.
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Yes Gras;
I couldn't disable it in code...
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Christian Graus 20-May-10 15:51pm    
Please don't push 'answer' to make an inane comment. The comment button is there for that. Correct, you can't disable it in code. The end.
Christian Graus 20-May-10 15:52pm    
Reason for my vote of 1
Pushed 'answer' to add comments.

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