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I wrote a small software which encrypts a file with a password and changes file extension to something else.

For Ex:- Normal file --- Test.docx after encryption it becomes Test.endocx.

When some one double clicks on the file, based on the extension my software can detect it is a encrypted word file, upon providing correct password it will be de-crypted and opened with WinWord.exe.

Once the file is opened, i need to monitor the file, when the user is done with the changes and close it, then i need to detect the file is closed and then resecure it and store it.

My software used to work untill msoffice 2007. because i used to monitor the processes, but now from office 2010 there will be only one process running for all the opened ms word files.

I would like to know when multiple word files with .docx extension are opened, if there is any way to detect if particular word file is closed or not?

1 solution

Some choices ...

1. use an encrypting file system (eg. TrueCrypt or VeraCrypt).

2. Use NtQueryInformationProcess to get a list of files open by WinWord.[^]

3. There should be a way to write a plug-in or add-on to Word but I've not found a good reference.
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