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In my project we are working on different platforms java,, VC++ . My problem is related to calling C# code from VC++ code.

I have written "plugin.dll(VC++)" to communicate between device and UI. They provided "device.dll(C#)"[Third Party] with device

Below are the steps I did to make it working, please tell me where m wrong :

1)I have created one "wrapper.dll(C#)" which refers "device.dll".

2)To access "wrapper.dll" methods from plugin.dll I have registered it as "COM.wrapper.tlb" and imported in plugin.dll(VC++)
Followed below link, it was really useful :

3)Copied plugin.dll(VC++) in folder with .jar executable.

Everything is working fine on my system.Problem started when I gave this package(.jar + plugin.dll) to testing team.
It is not working on any other machine
Updated 16-Oct-14 23:11pm
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Oct-14 2:39am    
What would you expect? You moved it; why should it work?
Sunita Rana 16-Oct-14 2:48am    
i have to use pulgin dll in production server, that dll need to be used by another java app(.jar)
Sunita Rana 16-Oct-14 2:54am    
plugIn dll(vc++)<-using wrapper dll(c#) converted to com tlb file<-device dll

plugin dll i have to use in our app which is in java

i followed below link for COM converstion

1 solution

Beyond your "plugin.dll", you have to deploy the "dll provided by device team" on the production server, too (and do not forget to register it there).
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Sunita Rana 16-Oct-14 9:21am    
Bernhard, I have tried the same but still its not working in any system. Problem is with com part. I am new to com , when m trying to register com in second system(using regasm.exe) its giving error that not able to load device.dll

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