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There is scenario in mobile application where there needs to be database on mobile device (android and iphone) and a database on the server. So whenever these mobile devices will come in network, the sync will start between mobile device and server.

Kindly suggest which database will be best fit since the application will be published globally and will transact millions of record on per day basis.

For the application development of ios and android is it suggested to work on a common framework or should we go for there respective frameworks.


1 solution

SQLite :- Sqlite can be used in iOS/Android for handling data. Light weight and suitable for mobile development.
SQLite is a opensource SQL database that stores data to a text file on a device. It just uses the sqlite queries which make it easier for those who know sql.

iOS includes the popular SQLite library, a lightweight yet powerful relational database engine that is easily embedded into an application. Used in countless applications across many platforms, SQLite is considered a de facto industry standard for lightweight embedded SQL database programming. Unlike the object-oriented Core Data framework, SQLite uses a procedural, SQL-focused API to manipulate the data tables directly.

Android comes in with built in SQLite database implementation.

SQLite supports all the relational datbase features. In order to access this database , you don't need to establish any kind of connections for it like JDBC,ODBC e.t.c
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