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I am trying to create a simple windows form application in visual studio 2010 using C#.

I want to feed the program 5 (x,y) coordinates and based on these points have the program fit a line through them.

For example, if my x values are dollars and my y values represent customer satisfaction, then I will feed the program the following 5 points:


($25000, 0.10)
($50000, 0.25)
($75000, 0.60)
($100000, 1.0)

Based on these points given to the program, I would like the program to create a smooth curve through the points and give me y values that fall between the points above.

In other word, I will ask the program based on the 5 points to now tell me what the satisfaction level is for $60000 which falls between 0.25 and 0.60 as per the table above.

I don't really need a graph to be drawn - just need the correct y value for any x value I ask.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


Updated 21-May-10 9:47am

1 solution

First, figure out how to do linear regression with C# C# linear regression[^]

Then, use that calculated regression to determine your next value.
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Hunter James 21-May-10 14:41pm    
Thanks for the reply.

I am looking to fit a smooth curve rather than a linear line.
khalidSabtan 21-May-10 15:42pm    
you need to study linear interpolation ,breifly find the equation of the line between ur 2 points (.25,50000) (.60,75000) knownig that slope (=m)
m=(y2-y1)/(x2-x1) then your equation -> y=m*x+b to get the 60000
solve for x
if however u need to fit it in smoothe curve u have to study curve fitting such as tylor Polynomial,Lagrange Polynomial..,Newtons Interpolatory divided diffrence and many more
Hunter James 21-May-10 17:14pm    
Thanks so much. That really helps guide me in the right direction.

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