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we have a new project requirement where we need to develop a single page application. My manager told me to do a research like whether we can use any content management system. Our requirement is we have lots of plugins. We are planning to create plugin download and help system, where others can download the plugins,see demos and copy the code like the and getbootstrap like below.Also we need to add a rating feature for each plugin.

Our client need it as a SPA and asked to check any CMS(content management system) like orchard,Drupal,WordPress or anything will help. Or we he put an option of Sharepoint or a MVC application with Angular/JQuery. Could you please give your suggestions for the same.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 20-Oct-14 10:20am    
And how is your research you were supposed to conduct? :-)
Member 11166942 20-Oct-14 14:00pm    
I am still doing..

A single page application means that there won't be any need for POSTBACK and page reloading for new data. Yes, Ajax will do it and will download the data for your pages.

There are many already developed plugins for these features, Knockout.js and Angular.js is a part of this. Since you're talking about ASP.NET, I will forward you to,[^]

You can learn how to create "Single Page Applications" from there, you can also conduct your research there and get the results. Wordpress, Drupal are just CMS, they will manage your content of the website however it is better to create your own to get more control over your system. Once you've created the Single Page template, simply upload it to the hosting server don't fall for a CMS.
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Member 11166942 20-Oct-14 13:59pm    
What about Sharepoint? Are you suggesting Sharepoint for this purpose?
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan 20-Oct-14 14:07pm    
No I am not! When you can use a better service by writing a code, why should you buy a service?

I have already told you, don't fall for a CMS, code your project yourself.

search google for more..
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