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JS grabbing text from text-boxes, passing to mvc ActionResult but ActionResult parameters appear null

I have 2 textboxes which are filled by 2 datepickers upon the user's selection but although the information grabs correctly from the textboxes when I use the below javascript to pass it to the actionresult. The parameters of the actionresult show to be null.

How do I fix?


@Html.Label("Start", "Start Date:")
   @Html.TextBox("Start", string.Empty, new {@id = "Start", @class = "datepicker"})
   @Html.Label("endd", "End Date:")
   @Html.TextBox("endd", string.Empty, new {@id = "End", @class = "datepicker"})
   <input type="submit" value="Apply" id ="DateSelected" />

   <script type="text/javascript">
   $("#DateSelected").click(function () {
           var startD = $('#Start').val().toString();
           var endD = $('#End').val().toString();
                   url: '/Docs/FirstDoc',
                   type: "Post",
                   data: { start: String.valueOf(startD), end: String.valueOf(endD) },

Action Result:

        public ActionResult FirstDoc(string start, string end)
            FirstDocModel firstDocModel = FirstDocHelper.RunFunction(start, end);
            return PartialView(firstDocModel);

1 solution

The valueOf[^] method doesn't take any parameters, so you're effectively trying to pass the native value of the String type.

Remove the String.valueOf call from the parameters:
data: { start: startD, end: endD }
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Empir 23-Oct-14 10:23am    
That makes no difference, I placed the String.valueOf as I had no idea what the issue was, so thought it couldn't hurt
Richard Deeming 23-Oct-14 10:26am    
The String.valueOf() call does make a difference - it returns a value which cannot be serialized with JSON, which causes the AJAX call to send an empty object.

If you're still not getting the parameter values after removing those calls, then you need to debug your code to check that the startD and endD variables contain the values you expect.
Empir 23-Oct-14 10:28am    
I meant, even when I remove String.valueOf(), the same issue is still present
Richard Deeming 23-Oct-14 10:29am    
So debug your code. Make sure that the startD and endD variables contain the values you expect.
Empir 23-Oct-14 10:39am    
They do, they each contain the dates, they should

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