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I have some code from vb6 but im confused to convert it into

This the code :

Private Sub cmdDO_Click()
    RptDO.ReportFileName = "Path\RASManualDeliveryOrder.rpt"
    RptDO.Formulas(0) = "DOType='ORIGINAL'"
    RptDO.SQLQuery = ""
    RptDO.CopiesToPrinter = 1
    RptDO.Destination = crptToPrinter
    RptDO.Action = 1
    RptDO.Formulas(0) = "DOType='COPY'"
    RptDO.PrinterCopies = 2
    RptDO.Destination = crptToPrinter
    RptDO.Action = 1
End Sub

What im getting confused is in RptDO.formulas(0)
Anyone has idea ?
Updated 30-Oct-14 18:01pm
Thava Rajan 31-Oct-14 3:16am    
what is RptDO?

This has nothing to do with VB or VB.NET. This is up to whatever class RptDO is. It would appear that Formulas is exposed as an array and this code is setting the first element in that array to a string, "DOType='COPY'".
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CHill60 4-Nov-14 12:23pm    
C# to converter will not help the OP convert vb6 to .net!

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