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I'm new to mongodb and want to export collection (table) to csv file. I want to write the below sql server query in mongodb.

<pre lang="SQL">SELECT Id, Name, Company FROM CompanyDetails WHERE Company in ( 'Monte Node Bell', 'Amdocs') ORDER BY Company </pre>

and then export the data to csv file with field name as column headers.

I have no clue beyond
<pre lang="Javascript">db. Table1.find() </pre>
Please help.
Updated 30-Oct-14 23:18pm

1 solution

Once you have your csv file, read this :[^]

If you want to export from mongodb then read this :[^]
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GoneBump 31-Oct-14 5:17am    
Hi, I don't want to import the data but to expprt it in specific format like the sql queries output.
Mehdi Gholam 31-Oct-14 5:19am    
Read the updated solution.
GoneBump 31-Oct-14 5:27am    
Thanks, but what about the query? How to get the sql query results in mongodb?
Mehdi Gholam 31-Oct-14 5:43am    
Mongodb does not have a sql query interface it uses it's own style.
GoneBump 31-Oct-14 6:19am    
That is the thing which I dono. Could you help?

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