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Hi, We are in the process of setting up our development environment for websites along with sharepoint integration. Could anyone please advice on what MSDN License I need to purchase for developing on Visual studio. At the moment we are a team of 5 developers.
Thanks and regards
Updated 4-Nov-14 10:48am
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 3-Nov-14 13:56pm    
Off-topic. Sort out this problems with Microsoft and your finance management. It may be most suitable to buy just 5 individual MSDN VS licenses, but I'm not 100% sure. Look at the set of products you may need, look at the money, and so on...
Manas Bhardwaj 4-Nov-14 16:50pm    
Hi SA,
I don't think the question was off-topic. However, the tags were which I changed for him.
I have seen with several organizations which don't have clarity about the licensing, especially the smaller ones which do not have a dedicated team or person to handle this.

It just then boils to down to development team to figure out and give the details so that someone can pay/buy the required software for them.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 4-Nov-14 17:22pm    
Initially, it looked as a question on VS license choice, in general. I still think this is off-topic, but, if you have something good to advise, it's perfectly fine.
You see, when one chooses the license, a lot more can be involved; subscription often comes with something unrelated to immediate development needs yet good to have. So, I think, in all cases the users need to review currently available options by themselves. This is really quite confusing.
Are you sure that Professional subscription is not good enough for development with Sharepoint?
Manas Bhardwaj 4-Nov-14 17:46pm    
Yes, quite sure.

I had to upgrade my team's professional licenses last year to premium for SP development.

1 solution

For development on SharePoint, you need either Visual Studio with Premium or Ultimate Subscription for MSDN.

Please see details here:[^]

And note that these subscriptions do not allow you to run production environments but only Development/Test environments.

The good thing is that you also get free Azure credits[^] worth $100 per month.
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Maciej Los 4-Nov-14 17:58pm    
Manas Bhardwaj 4-Nov-14 18:04pm    
thx Maciej!
Member 11127535 13-Nov-14 7:23am    
Thanks Manas for the replies
Could you please expand on "only Development/testing environments and does not allow to run production environment"

Like you said in your replies, ours is a small development team and I did not deal with these issues in my previous companies where there were dedicated people to do this.
Thanks SS

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