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namespace sa
    public class Text
            public class B
            public delegate void f(int a,int b);
            public void t(int x, int y)
            public static void Main()
                B b=new B();
                Text text=new Text();

t() should be used by the text object.
Why can the nested class B be used directly?
Is class B considered static by the compiler?
Updated 26-May-10 5:43am
Johnny J. 26-May-10 4:44am    
Added PRE tags to make your code more readable...

Your main method is defined inside the class Text. So the B class is directly visible to it.

Try to move Main() into another class and it will be no more visible to it directly.
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shilf 26-May-10 4:43am    
I know Answer 1 is right. In main() I also write: Text.B b=new Text.B(); it is also right ;these two method is both right! why we can write: B b=new B();
shilf 26-May-10 4:48am    
is the nested class static by compiler?

who can tell me the internal organization?
voloda2 26-May-10 4:58am    
Not sure if I understand what are you asking about.

The nested class V is a standard class, which can be instantiated based on its vibility modifiers.
It has only one speciality - if you have an instance of the top class A, you can access its private members from the V's code.

class A
private int i;
public A()

public class V
int ii;

public V()
A a = new A();
a.i = 10;

It's more like an additional namespace.
shilf 26-May-10 5:07am    
Voloda2: i is private in Class A; i can not be used out of class A ;I think in Class V {a.i is wrong}
voloda2 26-May-10 5:13am    
That's exactly what am I writting about - it's a speciality of class V - it can access private members of the top class A.
shilf wrote:
is class B static by compiler?

Class B is not static. You would not be able to do
B b=new B(); if this was the case.

For different samples on nested classes, have a look here.
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shilf 26-May-10 8:17am    
A Tutorial on Nested Classes in C#
it is perfect
thank you,Answer 2
thanks for all helper
shilf 26-May-10 9:07am    
is Class like Namespace?but its' scope is smaller than Namespace
shilf 26-May-10 20:33pm    
I am a student in china,the book and website about computer programming are very little and poor.who can introduce me some website about computer in english

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