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I am trying to implement a WCF layer, in which I must make a call to a web service (service1). I must make a call to a method consultationClient(). FROM this web service which should show the list of clients that corresponds to the identifier entered (in our case ID_CLIENT).

When I test this method in the Web service, the consultation goes well, but when I'm calling this method in the WCF layer customer_id and I tapped the ID_CLIENT, it shows me a list containing 10 clients with its ID_CLIENT = 0 and all other fields of the client are 0 or null according to their types.

Here is the code containing the method call consultationClient () in the layer WCF:
public List ConsultationClientWCF (int customer_id)
Service1 service = new Service1 ();
ClientTopNet ClientTopNet CL = new ClientTopNet ();
List test = ser.ConsultationClient (CL.ID_CLIENT);
return test;

Knowing that I am a beginner.
Please help me
Updated 26-May-10 6:17am

aida1986 wrote:
WCF layer, in which I must make a call to a web service (service1

First your terminology needs to be corrected - you don't call a web service from the WCF layer, you call a web service in the WCF layer.

Secondly, I dont see where you error is. Is it that you are expecting a different list of clients - your query may be wrong.
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Sorry, i'm not good at english

you are right, I meant, calling a web service in WCF layer.

secondly, the list returned is not true,
for example wehere i enter ID_CLIENT= 218, it supposed to show me a list which contain the clients who has an ID_CLIENT= 218

but ,it show me a list of 10 clients who have the same ID_CLIENT=0.
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#realJSOP 26-May-10 11:34am    
It looks to me like your query is flawed, then.

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