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function runBrowserCheck()
  var bIE = false;
  var iBrowserType = -1;
  var iBogusBrowserVariant = 0;

  var cUserAgent = window.navigator.userAgent;
  var cAppName = window.navigator.appName;

  bIE = (cUserAgent.indexOf("msie") >= 0);

  if (bIE)
    if (cUserAgent.indexOf("MSIE 8.0") >= 1)
        iBrowserType = 5;
    if (cUserAgent.indexOf("MSIE 9.0") >= 1)
        iBrowserType = 5;

I am using this jquery to check browser compatibility,but it Shows Internet explorer browser incompatibility issue.
Updated 11-Nov-14 2:54am
jkirkerx 11-Nov-14 19:07pm    
Microsoft went out of there way to make IE 10 and 11 none detectable, so they can be treated like everybody else.

1 solution

There is no 'jQuery function' here!
In fact jQuery removed its browser detection member with version 1.9 and the reason is that user agent string is become a not reliable source of information...
The best way to decide if you can do something in JavaScript or not, is feature detection...[^]
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Anubhav Goel 11-Nov-14 7:56am    
hii...i need to fix the issue in the same code itself ..don't have any reliable option to use javascript

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