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Hello everyone
I have to make a graduation project this year and I've been thinking about an idea since a while
I want to work in patern clustring / classification
while searching the internet I found an algorithm called DBSCAN which used in clustering
what do you think about implementing this one in c# as a graduation project??
Is it in the level to be worked on for a student like me in final year or it's simpler than that?
any help will be appreciated
thanks all

I think this is way to simple for a graduation project. It's more or less a one weekend task. Actually you can find it already implemented in c#:[^].

If you think in this kind of topic I suggest you better do a comparison of several clustering algorithms. To do that you have to choose sample field (any data source that can be assessed with this method, and the resulting clusters can be compared in some form). You could assess the efficience of the algorithms in theory (evaluating complexity), the performance in you implementation on several different sample sets (differing in content and size), and maybe performance improvement considerations too. At the end you could compare the resulting clusters that were delivered by the different clustering methods on the same sample.

Well this might be enough for a graduation project. At least where I came from...
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Mujeeba Haj Najeeb 16-Nov-14 15:59pm    
I'll meet my supervisor tomorrow about your idea of comparison
but if he refuses do you have any idea in the same field?
Zoltán Zörgő 16-Nov-14 16:06pm    
I might find more. I don't know your requirements, neither your field of activity and/or professional education. Based only on your original post you might also be a sociologist interested in informatics :)
So to be able to suggest anything I have to know more about your constraints. But please note, that your supervisor is the most adequate person to ask for advice. And you better search for previous graduation projects in the library or whatever you might have there. Just to see the complexity you need to achieve. You might also find written requirements, like extend and so on.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Nov-14 17:57pm    
As I can see, that was a good idea to ask a separate question. Hope this answer is helpful.
Mujeeba Haj Najeeb 19-Nov-14 9:58am    
yes, it was
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 16-Nov-14 18:00pm    
Good answer and a good idea, 5ed. I already answered other Mujeeba's questions on clustering, so I hope it will finally make a decent graduation topic.
I met my supervisor and he accepted the idea of comparison of algorithms implementation but I still need something to cluster and I'm working about this now
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