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I Have a table for Student which has field hobbiesId which I want to Update
and I have another table for Hobbies which has field name and id

what i want to do is
match description of table student with name of table hobbies if it matches then update HobbiesId by Id of table Hobbies this is what I have done
Update Student Set HobbiesId=(CASE 
                                 WHEN Description like (Select Name From [Hobbies])                            THEN-- Id of Hobbies

Also in like it may returns more than column but I Need one column which is matching most
Updated 16-Nov-14 23:13pm

Try this

Update Stu Set HobbiesId=b.HobbieID from Student Stu Join [Hobbies] b
On charindex(b.Name,Stu.Description)>0
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Vishal Pand3y 17-Nov-14 6:56am    
the problem is charindex(b.Name,Stu.Description)>0 returns more than one column so I can't update with it as it throws The multi-part identifier could not be bound error
Shweta N Mishra 17-Nov-14 7:13am    
can you write your query, charindex only return a numeric value and can not have multiple column.
Vishal Pand3y 17-Nov-14 7:25am    
I got the solution Thanks charindex helped :)
Try This............. Defiantly you will get your Solution..

Update student set student.HobbiesId=Hobbies.HobbiesId From student inner join Hobbies  on student.HobbiesId=Hobbies.HobbiesId

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Divyam Sharma 18-Nov-14 5:32am    
Good one...
you Question not Clear, i hope your looking for this

Syntax :
Update a set From table1 as inner join table2 as b on
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Vishal Pand3y 17-Nov-14 6:41am    
will inner join work on nvarchar and when these aren't exact match

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