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I want to bind two table data in one gridview. can you please help me.
I know how to bind single table data in gridview.

Dude Its Very Simple,
1)simply merge data tables as a single data tables
2)Bind the merged table into Gridview

we have n number of Methods avilable in google to merge datatable
here i just post sample one ...........

public DataTable myJoinMethod(DataTable LeftTable, DataTable RightTable, 
			String LeftPrimaryColumn, String RightPrimaryColumn) 
    //first create the datatable columns 
    DataSet mydataSet = new DataSet(); 
    mydataSet.Tables.Add("  "); 
    DataTable myDataTable = mydataSet.Tables[0]; 

    //add left table columns 
    DataColumn[] dcLeftTableColumns = new DataColumn[LeftTable.Columns.Count]; 
    LeftTable.Columns.CopyTo(dcLeftTableColumns, 0); 

    foreach (DataColumn LeftTableColumn in dcLeftTableColumns) 
        if (!myDataTable.Columns.Contains(LeftTableColumn.ToString())) 

    //now add right table columns 
    DataColumn[] dcRightTableColumns = new DataColumn[RightTable.Columns.Count]; 
    RightTable.Columns.CopyTo(dcRightTableColumns, 0); 
    foreach (DataColumn RightTableColumn in dcRightTableColumns) 
        if (!myDataTable.Columns.Contains(RightTableColumn.ToString())) 
            if (RightTableColumn.ToString() != RightPrimaryColumn) 
    //add left-table data to mytable 
    foreach (DataRow LeftTableDataRows in LeftTable.Rows) 

    ArrayList var = new ArrayList(); //this variable holds the id's which have joined 

    ArrayList LeftTableIDs = new ArrayList(); 
    LeftTableIDs = this.DataSetToArrayList(0, LeftTable); 

    //import righttable which having not equal Id's with lefttable 
    foreach (DataRow rightTableDataRows in RightTable.Rows) 
        if (LeftTableIDs.Contains(rightTableDataRows[0])) 
            string wherecondition = "[" + myDataTable.Columns[0].ColumnName + "]='" 
					+ rightTableDataRows[0].ToString() + "'"; 
            DataRow[] dr = myDataTable.Select(wherecondition); 
            int iIndex = myDataTable.Rows.IndexOf(dr[0]); 

            foreach (DataColumn dc in RightTable.Columns) 
                if (dc.Ordinal != 0) 
                    myDataTable.Rows[iIndex][dc.ColumnName.ToString().Trim()] = 
            int count = myDataTable.Rows.Count; 
            DataRow row = myDataTable.NewRow(); 
            row[0] = rightTableDataRows[0].ToString(); 
            foreach (DataColumn dc in RightTable.Columns) 
                if (dc.Ordinal != 0) 
                    myDataTable.Rows[count][dc.ColumnName.ToString().Trim()] = 

    return myDataTable; 

Steps :

1)Create the empty datatable - ‘dtResult’, which will be filled with the result set.
2)Add Left data table column names to the ‘dtResult’ datatable.
3)Add Right data table column names to the ‘dtResult’ datatable excluding the primary key column of the right data table.
4)Fill left data table data to the ‘dtResult’ looping through each row of the left datatable
5)Primary key values of the left table stored in array list ‘var’ using the ‘DataSetToArrayList’ method
6)Fill the right table data having keys not in the left table.
7)Fill the right table data, with joined rows looping through the columns in each row.
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Just merger two table data to look like a single table & bind with new table.

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