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i have been searching alot with no answer
i have acombobox that have a datasource and let it be table A (table A is a table in a datacontext dx)
i want to save selected value of this combo in field B in table C
that is done by binding selected value of this combo to field B in CbindingSource
and it is saved to the database through datacontext.submitChanges()
but the problem that when i open the form again the selectedvalue cant be retrieved and the dx.combobox selects the first element
how i can handle this issue? should i program it manually?

let me explain i hope that will clarify more
Table A has two attributes ID And Value
combobox.SelectedValue is bound in design to cbindingSource.B;
Knowing That B Field is the same type as ValueMember
when i submit changes ID value will be stored in database in Field B through the binding
but i dont know how to make the reverse operation which is :
when running the program how to let the selected item in combobox be the
one that has ID Value that is stored in field B (maybe that is through
combobox.SelectedValueChange event )
Updated 18-Nov-14 3:48am
Shambhoo kumar 18-Nov-14 7:54am    
please elaborate your question, it's not clear.
ZurdoDev 18-Nov-14 7:56am    
Please click on Improve question and post just the relevant code.
BillWoodruff 18-Nov-14 8:37am    
When you load the Form again are you executing code to update the selection based on the value of field B in table C ?
johannesnestler 18-Nov-14 9:56am    
Which UI tech - I'd assume WPF?
oula alsheikh 18-Nov-14 10:06am    
windows form application and the datacontext is linq to sql

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