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i download update smspdulib from its support multipart or long sms .but still a bug decode function and bug is when i receive multipart or long sms last part of sms convert to some garbage collection .if i recieve three parts sms..first two part recieved correctly but third part show like that please check this and guide me how can i solve this problem..

[1st Part]

I used the Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 (it was one year ago) because Visual\r\nStudio 2005 has a SerialPort-component. You just have to connect with that

[2nd Part]

port to your modem/handphone, and read all the messages.\r\nI made a project that reads messages from a database and sends them, and\r\ninserts the rece

[Third Part]

RmKIAZKggCOKgAR]AB]_iQKeAhCEYK]@(QKeKAnCgABYg_Afkaa_eiAL_eP_kegADKioKK]AhQKAf[gAF_kYIADKAfK]IAJiGY@Jee_e[fkaa_ei]@Yg_A \t+[@
Updated 30-May-10 1:03am

1 solution

I assume you mean "" not "", and I assume you mean this article: Library for Decode/Encode SMS PDU[^]

Don't post this under Quick Answers - if you got the code from an article, then there is a "new message" button at the bottom of that article, which causes an email to be sent to the author. They are then alerted that you wish to speak to them.
Posting this here relies on them "dropping by" and realising it is for them.
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