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I am using one user control in that i have added a grid view to display,edit,update and delete the records. I have call that user control dynamically in my code and passed req value to it. I have a tree view base on that it will show me the grid in that user control. But now the problem is when i am going to click on edit or delete link of grid view the user control disappear[which causes grid view to be disappear]. So what can i do to handle this issue. how i can get call to edit,delete,update methods of grid view.
syed shanu 1-Dec-14 1:21am
where do you call your User Control Dynamically .example in button click,Page load etc and can you paste your code here.
Member 11151142 1-Dec-14 3:50am
I have call user control on treeview link click,as follows

if (TreeView1.SelectedNode.ToolTip == "SiteName")
UserControls_Site_SiteUC usercntl = (UserControls_Site_SiteUC)Page.LoadControl("~/UserControls/Site/SiteUC.ascx");
usercntl.SiteID = int.Parse(PID.ToString());

it will show me the write grid view base on treeview node click but when i am going to click on edit or delete link of grid view the user control disappears.
It will not call the gridview delete or modechanging method
syed shanu 1-Dec-14 3:52am
You can find the Solution below As Mr.Kornfeld Eliyahu Peter told.
Member 11151142 1-Dec-14 4:00am
Thank you.
syed shanu 1-Dec-14 4:03am
You can check here few links related to loading User control at runtime.
Sinisa Hajnal 1-Dec-14 2:12am
Depends on your code. Please use Improve question and show the code that handles loading of the control.
Maciej Los 1-Dec-14 2:26am
What have you done till now? Where are you stuck?
Member 11151142 1-Dec-14 3:59am
I have took one user control. In that i have added grid view. The user control get call on tree view Node click. Till here its working fine. But when we click on edit or delete link of grid view [which is present in user control] the page reloads and user control get disappears. I want to perform edit,delete,update operation with that grid view. What can i do? How to handle this issue.

1 solution

A dynamic control must be re-created on each and every post to the page, not only on the first creation!
When you hit one of your buttons on the grid, the click initiates a post-back to the server, but in that flow you do not create your dynamic control so it disappears from the page...
You can save yourself a lot of work and network usage if you learn using AJAX...

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