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when i implement the method
MiseAjourEtatFactureWCF(ref string REF_COMPTE_FACTURATION, ref int STATUT)
in my wcf project this following error has appeared:


Invalid expression term 'if'


public retour MiseAjourEtatFactureWCF(ref string REF_COMPTE_FACTURATION, ref int STATUT)
  Service1 ser = new Service1();
  retour rt = new retour();
  ser.MiseAJourFacture( //removed this
  if (ser.MiseAjourEtatFacture(REF_COMPTE_FACTURATION,STATUT).Equals(-1))
      rt.CodeRetour = -1;
      rt.msgRetour = "mise à jour etat facture échoué";
    catch (Exception e)
      CreateLog log = new CreateLog(e);

      log.ErrorLog(@"C:\Documents and Settings\Administrateur\Bureau\fichierLog.txt");

    return rt;
    rt.CodeRetour = 0;
    rt.msgRetour = "mise à jour etat facture réussit";
    return rt;

knowing that the goal of this method is to return error an message and to create log file in the case of failed call of the method
MiseAjourEtatFacture(REF_COMPTE_FACTURATION,STATUT) and the succes message in the case of succeeded call of this method.

the problem is in if loop because when i run my project it show me always the case of success

Please help me because i'm a beginner. :(( :(( :((

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Updated 1-Jun-10 8:30am
William Winner 1-Jun-10 14:33pm    
You're not new to this forum, but apparently no one has told you this:

Don't post answers to your own question!

They have added a lot to this forum. If you have additional information about the question, add it to the OP. If you want to comment on someone else's answer, there's a comment button below that answer. Posting an answer is only for posting an answer.

I've added the information into your OP.

1 solution

Ok, so your problem is that it always returns successfully? That doesn't sound like a problem to me.

Well, if you're never getting the message; "mise à jour etat facture échoué", and you're expecting to, then that is a problem, but without knowing what ser is or what MiseAjourEtatFacture(REF_COMPTE_FACTURATION,STATUT) should return with different cases, I can't tell you why it's not working.

I will say that you should never get an error log created though. Because, I would assume that
rt.CodeRetour = -1;
rt.msgRetour = "mise à jour etat facture échoué";

should never throw an error.

Also, I'm a little confused with what your CreateLog is. You create a new log and pass it the exception. Then, you pass it a file location. Is that a class you wrote yourself? Because if so, you seem to do it backwards. Generally, you create a log file on disk or open a log file on disk, and then you pass it the information to put into the log.

[You've dealt with this]
It looks like your problem is here:

if (ser.MiseAjourEtatFacture(REF_COMPTE_FACTURATION,STATUT).Equals(-1))

You have an icomplete statement. I don't know what the ser.MiseAJourFacture is there for, but it's saying that the if is an invalid expression with regards to that because you didn't finish that statement.

If it's a method call that does some work to ser, then it could stand-alone, but it may not need to be there. if it does, try changing it to:
if (ser.MiseAjourEtatFacture(REF_COMPTE_FACTURATION,STATUT).Equals(-1))
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