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here i am using itextsharp to draw a rectangle in a pdf. for being specific the rectangle is drawn on the TOC of the pdf.
In another process i need to find the drawn rectangle in the pdf and need to extract the text and their coordinates laying inside the rectangle
i will be really pleased if some one help me out..
thank you well in advance
Richard MacCutchan 10-Dec-14 7:16am    
It's the same issue, use iTextSharp to read the information from the PDF.
raul313 10-Dec-14 7:23am    
hi richard,
but i dont have the coordinates saved of the rectangle drawn. actually the drawing of the rectangle is done by vendor. And on that rectangle based i have to identify the rectangle coordinates and so is the inner text and coordinates of the rectangle
Richard MacCutchan 10-Dec-14 7:38am    
Sorry, no idea. If the information is not availalbel then I don't see what you can do.
raul313 10-Dec-14 7:53am    
ok.... thank you for your response
RedDk 11-Dec-14 14:54pm    
Commiserating with "PDF" tag might be "SVG" ... Look up WPF and Canvas and at MSDN, at their code sample library type in some of these as parameters for a filter of what's available. XML/XAML is in your future. Perhaps.

In which case, coordinates are exactly what they should be.

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