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Bitmap *pbmp     //global variable

//trying to make a buffer for the constructor, but it doesn't work as expected
byte *bytes = new byte[1000];
	for (size_t i = 0; i < 1000; i++)
		bytes[i] = 255;
	Bitmap bmp(100, 100, 500, PixelFormat32bppARGB, bytes);

Here is how i'm creating a bitmap at runtime, and since I need to change little portions of it i'm using this function inside WM_PAINT :

void LockBits()
	UINT* pixels;
	// Lock a 50xs30 rectangular portion of the bitmap for writing.
	BitmapData bitmapData;
	Rect rect(20, 10, 50, 60);
	pbmp->LockBits( &rect, ImageLockModeWrite, PixelFormat32bppARGB, &bitmapData);

	// Write to the temporary buffer provided by LockBits.
	pixels = (UINT*)bitmapData.Scan0;

	for (UINT row = 0; row < 60; ++row)
		for (UINT col = 0; col < 50; ++col)
			pixels[row * bitmapData.Stride / 4 + col] = 0xff00ff00;

	// Commit the changes, and unlock the 50x30 portion of the bitmap.  

case WM_PAINT:
    Graphics grap(GetDC(hwnd));
    grap.DrawImage(&(*pbmp), 150, 100);

As soon as I run the program, it works (display the changed bitmap) but immediately after "Myprogram.exe has triggered a breakpoint." and then points to the line inside WinMain -DispatchMessage(&msg);-

EDIT: It appears that I didn't gave a big enough buffer to the bitmap constructor, setting it to 40000 does the trick. But isn't it a way too big number for a 100x100 bitmap ? How should I calculate buffer size ? width * height * 4 (since pixel format is 32bits) ?
Updated 12-Dec-14 7:16am
[no name] 17-Dec-14 15:01pm    
You seem to have answered your own question.

1 solution

100x100x4 = 40000, why you indeed need that much memory for it.

For bufsize, you often need to round the width up to 4 (but that should be in the documentation).
bufsize = ROUNDUP_TO_4(width) * height * Bpp;

where Bpp = Bytes per pixel, and ROUNDUP_TO_4 could be
#define ROUNDUP_TO_4(x) (((x)+3)&~3)
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