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How to make search engine for the particular website? how to do
Updated 4-Jun-10 0:33am
Tom Deketelaere 4-Jun-10 6:11am    
Don't just ask for code.
What have you tried?
Where are you stuck?
Do you have any code at all?

And remove your email from your nick, unless you really really like spam mails
Johnny J. 4-Jun-10 6:31am    
Reason for my vote of 1
anupkulkarni85 4-Jun-10 6:32am    
I am doing the website for paricular website suppose as school then it call that if we put the data into text then search that contains related of the source
Christian Graus 4-Jun-10 6:36am    
Reason for my vote of 1
OP is asking dumb questions, over and over.
anupkulkarni85 4-Jun-10 6:45am    
chritain i did not get the excat answer

Which particular website had you in mind?

We need a lot more than a bland generalisation in order to help.

What have you attempted so far?

What kind of search are you after?

Will it be text search only?

You see? More complicated than you thought, so pleae, more details.
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As others have said, you've been given the only possible good answer to this question. If you didn't understand the answer, ask for more detail, or just consider that this (basic) task is beyond your limited skillset, which none of us can change.
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Repost - You have already got the question posted here:[^]

Don't post same question twice, add follow-ups to the thread you have already started...
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anupkulkarni85 4-Jun-10 6:34am    
Reason for my vote of 1
no i am not the making thread i did get the answer
Johnny J. 4-Jun-10 6:39am    
I don't understand? The two questions are identical. If you see it differently, maybe you should write a more precise and explanatory question so that people can understand what you're asking for...
anupkulkarni85 4-Jun-10 7:15am    
I am getting the Excatly answers that you had given
Johnny J. 4-Jun-10 7:39am    
And you are not going to get anything better unless you write a more detailed question, I'm sure

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