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I want a code in C# to automatically shut down all computers in a network at a specified time, (i.e.scheduled shut down). I will be grateful if someone can guide me to any helpful material which i can study and consult to define daily logon quota for all users in a campus lab so that they can use computers for a specified period of time only and not when that duration expires.

I advise you to NOT shut the computers down, but to simply log them off.

To implement this, I would write a Windows service and install it on all of the lab's PCs. If you wanted to get really fancy, you could maintain a database on a server somewhere used to both store c0onfiguration info (regarding max time allowed to be logged in, etc) and to collect usage info on a user-by-user basis.
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You can make use of Win32ShutDown method in the Win32_OperatingSystem class to shut down the remote computer. You can have a timer set which would track the start up of the remote computer and shut down after the time is over.

To track the start time of a remote computer, use LDAP. Check the lastLogonTimeStamp[^] to get the login time. DirectorySearcher class will help you in getting that value.

IMO, instead of having a program running on one computer monitoring all the computers, have a simple application running on all the computers. This application should start at the log in and would shut the computer down after the allotted time is over.
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