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i am using thred to display the progress bar for processing.
have started a thread.
i have started the thread in the LOAD event of the form.then calling s function, At the end of function "END SUB" am aborting the thread.
now i want to close this form but after aborting thread am calling ME.CLOSE but its not working.
how to close the form??
Can any one help??
DaveAuld 8-Jun-10 15:55pm    
are you trying to call Me.Close() inside Load() event? if you are that won't work. you need to wait for the load to finish, maybe start a timer, and then call the Close() from the timertick.

Thanks for reply.
i am done with the probelm .i am creating the thread in the main thread.and aborting the thread then after aborting the thread will not allow execute another statement.
what i have did is that i have invoke the main thread again and then close the form.

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You can stop thread or you can use delegate to avoid cross thread errors. One more option is there in form load event you can set

CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = False

But to set CheckForIllegalCrossThreadCalls = False is not advisable from programming point of view.
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DaveyM69 9-Jun-10 8:28am    
"not advisable from programming point of view"
What other point of view is there?

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