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I am currently using this method
System.Convert.ChangeType(object value, Type conversionType, IFormatProvider provider); 

to convert object values into specific type. The problem is if value cannot be converted then it throws format exception. Since I need to do this for 1000 of entries it throws very considerable amount of exception hogging my CPU.

I have need to know if there is alternate way to convert where it provides a Try.. method option so I need not catch exception each time.
Updated 14-Jan-15 18:24pm
BillWoodruff 15-Jan-15 4:32am    
I think Damith gave you great advice, but I also think the only really "big win" here ... if you expect a large percentage of objects in your dataset to not be convertable ... is for you to somehow iterate over the objects in the dataset before conversion and pass only those objects to the converter you think have a high chance of succeeding.

Of course that's easier said than done ! To answer the question if that strategy would be useful really requires an intimate knowledge of the objects that need to be converted, and any "patterns" in their contents that are definable.

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try by check using TypeConverter.CanConvertFrom Method[^] before using System.Convert.ChangeType[^] but I'm not sure it will gain performance improvement in your case. do a test and check actually how it affect with your inputs.
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BillWoodruff 15-Jan-15 4:28am    
+5 Congratulations on being awarded the MVP, Damith !
DamithSL 15-Jan-15 4:45am    
Thank you and congrats :)

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