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Hi All,

I am stuck in an issue,I have to show XML content in Richtextbox and do formatting as per element name , My problem is this that when i use RichtextBox selected property and font property than i lose all containing data of Richtextbox and, than how to format only that specific line or part of text .

foreach (XElement detail in doc.Descendants("title"))// put section ID

richTextBox1.SelectedText = detail.Value;
richTextBox1.SelectionFont = new Font("arial", 18);

detail.Value = Environment.NewLine + detail.Value + Environment.NewLine ;


I have tried it both of way by RTF and but text but problem is that, i am using XML file to read. and when i try to read specific element and formate it than it replace whole content of text box .

and if i try it using replace of string than my another data(which have same words) also formatted . as a part of XML

<section level="1" number-type="manual" num="2">
<title>Modalit&#x00E9;s d&#x2019;application de l&#x2019;absence</title>
<section num="1." number-type="manual" level="sect2">
<para align="left">Le travailleur peut s&#x2019;absenter pendant le &#x00AB;d&#x00E9;lai de pr&#x00E9;avis&#x00BB;.</para>
<para align="left">Seul le contrat de travail &#x00E0; dur&#x00E9;e ind&#x00E9;termin&#x00E9;e peut &#x00EA;tre rompu moyennant pr&#x00E9;avis. La r&#x00E9;glementation ne s&#x2019;applique donc pas aux contrats de travail &#x00E0; dur&#x00E9;e d&#x00E9;termin&#x00E9;e ou pour un travail nettement d&#x00E9;fini. ABSENCE PENDANT LE &#x00AB;DELAI DE PREAVIS&#x00BB;..</para>

now what i did, get all text of XML in richtext box than try to format <title> element data,

and when i try it as above code it replace whole data and show only <title>
Updated 15-Jan-15 21:04pm

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