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Hi, I am new to mvc and trying to implement small application using repository pattern. I have different layer.
1- MVC Application layer
2-Service layer
3-Repository layer
4-Database layer- I am using EF Datafirst

Now I am working on employee creation. This is how my code is.

In Repository Layer
public class Repository :IRepository where TEntity : class
internal DbSet dbSet;
private HREntities _context;

public IQueryable GetAll()
return dbSet.AsQueryable();

In Service layer I am calling this Repository layer

public class EmployeeService:IEmployee
private IRepository _employeeRepository;

public EmployeeService(IRepository employeeRepository)
this._employeeRepository = employeeRepository;

public EmployeeService()
: this(new Repository())


I am fine still here now how can I use this service class in my controller. Please help me .
Nathan Minier 22-Jan-15 7:39am    
You know, DbContext (and it's children, such as your HREntities), already implement the Repository pattern. There's no real need to re-invent the wheel unless you're doing something that will potentially be using many different data sources and must enforce specific interface requirements.

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