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hi am beginner in programming . How do I Write a new post the code . It should include the . The design I have created .[^]

Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 22-Jan-15 15:28pm    
If you are a beginner in programming, do begin programming. Don't ask for programs, this is not what we do here; we answer questions; and you are welcome to ask yours. "How can I write..." (anything) is not a valid question — the answer is: do appropriate software development job. Any real questions? And don't expect someone will load the file from who-knows-where and unpack it.
LLLLGGGG 22-Jan-15 17:37pm    
If you do not know WHERE to begin studying for this, try to google the web... Anyway you may try to start studying C#. If you are in a hrry with your project, try to have a look at WebClient class
BillWoodruff 23-Jan-15 1:50am    
Everyone here was a beginner ... once. A good place to start would be to search CodeProject for WinPhone 8 projects: find one and download the code, and then study the code.

Certain tasks your project you will involve can be separated out and developed independently, for example:

1. load an XML dataset from the web and parse it into some usable form

good luck !

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