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please help me.

i have this files
1) Payments.mdb - First Payments, Second Payments, etc....
2) Payments.rpt
3) the vb6 project.

in crystal report, i set the database location to First Payments.

but in vb6 adodc. i received an error like the table or query 'First' is not correctly spelled.

but when i changed the name to FirstPayments (as one whole word) no more error in vb6 but crystal report couldn't open the file. i try to re-locate the database in rpt file but something i noticed is the file name is still First Payments though in mdb i already changed it to FirstPayments.

now in my mdb file are FirstPayments, SecondPayments, etc....

now my problem is in crystal report.
a msgbox says.
File could not be opened: "FirstPayment", at file location "First Payments".

what should i do?????????

I believe that the best advice would be not to use VB6. It has retired long long ago. From Wikipedia:
Mainstream Support for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 ended on March 31, 2005. Extended support ended in March 2008.

Instead you can download the free Express version for Visual Studio from Visual Studio Express[^] and start using Visual Basic .NET (or C# if you like).

What comes to Crystal Reports, you can download it from SAP[^] site.
JiRoIrO 24-Jan-15 7:17am
thanks for the info. but im hoping that someone could help me with this error. i need to finish this project first before trying another one.

the only question i need answer is how to connect two words name in vb6 if there is a way.
coz it only reads one word file name.
Wendelius 24-Jan-15 10:04am
As pointed out by Chill60 try using brackets around the table name.
In general it is not a good idea to have spaces in table names (or fields, or databases).

If you are going to stick with the name "FirstPayments" then you need to make sure that you have changed it everywhere - your second error sounds as if you have not updated the RPT file.

The first error you had can be overcome by surrounding the table name with square brackets [] i.e.
[First Payments]
JiRoIrO 24-Jan-15 23:25pm

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