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can anybody tell me how to sync data between sqlite to ms sqlserver and also in vise versa.

As far as I know, you have to either write the synchronization yourself or use a 3rd party tool. There are a few possibilities if you're interested on those tools.

For example:
- SQLITE-SYNC[^]. They seem to have a free version
- SQLite to MSSQL Synchronization[^]. Thiss one needs to be licensed

On the other hand perhaps you could consider using SQL Server on both ends? This would make the synchronization far more easy. If you need a single user standalone database on the client side, then perhaps SQL Server Compact[^] could replace SQLite.
Sandip Paul 491984 24-Jan-15 15:31pm
can i use web services to do that.if yes can u help me the steps
Sandip Paul 491984 24-Jan-15 15:32pm
my offline data will be stored on sqlite and when user sync by pressing a button then all sqlite data will b transfer to mssql and vice versa.
Wendelius 25-Jan-15 4:07am
As said, if you can, I'd suggest to replace the SQLite with SQL Server COmpact edition. Compact edition can be used offline and it can replicate data with the 'master' SQL Server instance
neeraj116 23-Jan-17 10:45am
hii can you tell me how you synchronize the data of sqlite to mssql please my email id is
Please design the following to sync data between SQLite and Remote server

1. Run a background service
2. The above background will call a web service end point to get all details from remote server (Response may be JSON or XML)
3. Parse the JSON or XML data
4. Save the parsed details in SQLite database

Thank You

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