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hello sir,
i want to set default focus on "cancel" button whnen "bootstrapdialog.confirm" popup open..
i searched in google but not find any result..

How TO do ?
Updated 27-Jan-15 14:47pm

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by the dialog confirmation, are you meaning one of these extensions on bootstrap?[^]


anyhow, here's a jsfiddle that demonstrates how to launch a bootstrap (plain 3.x) modal and set the focus on the cancel button after the modal launches (that way the enter key should trigger the click event of the cancel button).[^]

since you are most likely using an extension of bootstrap 3.x, i'm thinking this jsfiddle is still relevant and could be adapted pretty easily.

hope this helps.
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Manish Dalwadi 27-Jan-15 21:43pm    
i use this type of dialog box

but i cant focus on "cancel" button
ah. this library does look pretty cool![^]

note that in the "available options" section, you can set css classes on can also set the id value.
also, there's an option to run a method "onshown".

you could use set the id as desired in the example i took from their site below ("btn-ok") and so something like this:



you could set a custom css class (something not being used for something else - like "cancel-button-custom") and then use jquery to set the focus to that element like below:


sample from the same site taken from their examples:

    title: 'Say-hello dialog',
    message: 'Hello world!',
    buttons: [{
        id: 'btn-ok',   
        icon: 'glyphicon glyphicon-check',       
        label: 'OK',
        cssClass: 'btn-primary', 
        autospin: false,
        action: function(dialogRef){    

so again, i think my jsfiddle provided earlier will help - instead of setting the id of the button to pick out like i did, you can to class yours ahead of time in the libraries object setup...or you can set the id of each button and do something closer to my jsFiddle example.
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