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I am currently using Modern UI from CodePlex. It is great and easy to use but there are some classes and events that I am not familiar with. Example: I have two GroupLinks named "Patients" and "Configurations". There are several pages in each of the GroupLinks. I tried to navigate from one page to another using a button click event. It worked. But when I tried navigating from Page1 of GroupLink2 to Page1 of GroupLink1, it still worked, but the problem was the active GroupLink remained in GroupLink2 instead of GroupLink1 just like the screenshots show below:[^][^]

Btw, I used the code behind to navigate from Allergies(IrritantPage) to PatientsPage:

private void FilterControl_OnToPatientClick(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
        NavigationCommands.GoToPage.Execute("/MainContents/PatientGridPage.xaml", this);

So how do I solve this?

Also, whenever I compile the project, the default active GroupLink is always GroupLink2, how do I set the active GroupLink into GroupLink1 whenever I first ran the project?
LLLLGGGG 1-Feb-15 13:00pm    
You can try to ask the forum on CodePlex... they may be more expert on the package they have built.

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