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Hey guys, I'm working on an ASP.NET Web API that's called by Ember, the thing is I want to post the info of a form to the API, the POST method is working seen as I've tested the problem is I need to send info from a Radio Button List and I don't know how I should do that... any tips?
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Feb-15 9:45am    
What have you tried so far?
varmartins 23-Feb-15 9:52am    
I have tried to bind a value to it but it wasn't working so I read about it and what I think I have to do is write the code for a RadioButtonList in Ember (a component), but I'm sure if I should do it or how
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 23-Feb-15 10:00am    
How did you bind it the way it's "not working". This statement is not informative. Create a code sample (simplified to the absolute minimum) which is supposed to work but does not, and, chances are, your mistake will be corrected. You can also, alternatively, post whatever you want the way you want using Ajax...
varmartins 23-Feb-15 10:06am    
I tried:

{{view Ember.RadioButton valueBinding='example' class="form-control"}}

but of course that didn't work since the RadioButton handlebar doesn't exist.

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