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I'm in the process of converting latex to mathml in php.Texmath is the command line tool through which the conversion process can be done.

Latex file:
\mathbf{f} = (f_{1},

shell_exec('echo "password" | sudo -S /root/.cabal/bin/texmath latexfile > outputfile');

If I run this php file thorugh command line,it generates the desired output file which is below
command line script:
php test.php

<math display="block" xmlns="">
       <mstyle mathvariant="bold">
       <mo stretchy="false" form="prefix">(</mo>
         <mo stretchy="false" form="postfix">)</mo>

When I run this php file through the browser am getting the output file like
<math display="block" xmlns="">
        <mstyle mathvariant="bold">

It ignores all the mathtype characters. Why is it gives desired output only through the command line not through the browser. When I open these two files in the editor it displays 'UTF-8'. Is this is character encoding issue? How to solve this.

Additional note: If I run php file through local host it gives desired result as the command line php execution does. The problem only with shared web server.
John C Rayan 27-Feb-15 5:31am    
can you get the source from your browser using view source. What browser are you using.
Vidhya Raju 1-Mar-15 23:41pm    
It doesn't display anything in the browser. Just this code creates a file which contains special characters

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