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sir i am doing a project of my that i want if a entered a text in textbox it should be check against a list of words in the quaries are.
1)how to attach a notepad to our project.
2)how to check the word against the list of words in the note pad.
please help sir.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 25-Feb-15 14:09pm    
What do you mean "in the notepad". Want to break into a foreign process? Bad idea... :-)
Do something reasonable instead.

You can attach the text file to the project just by dragging it into the Visual studio solution explorer.

In order to read the content of the file you can use File.ReadLines[^] method. That would get you a list of string that you can use for matching the data in the textbox
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Member 11460134 25-Feb-15 16:00pm    
can u post the taking a sample text box and notepad....
You can't (or at least you really, really shouldn't) be trying to use an external EXE as a "editing box" in app - you should instead consider either using a TextBox or RichTextBox control embedded into your application.
That way, you can access it's text content with no problems at all - it's just a property of the control - and you don't have to rely on your user using notepad (or even having it installed - it's not difficult to replace with something better that works very, very differently as far as your application would be concerned.
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//This code first read the words in text file one by one,
//which are save in notepad file like one word per line

int aCounter = 0; string aWordInTextFile;
// Read the file and display it line by line.
System.IO.StreamReader file = new System.IO.StreamReader("c:\notePadFile.txt");
while((aWordInTextFile = file.ReadLine()) != null){
   Console.WriteLine (aWordInTextFile);
   if(textbox.text == aWordInTextFile){"String Match, found a string in notepad file");



// Suspend the screen.
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