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Hi i using this code for print with windows print pictures
string fileName = @"C:\Images\12.jpg";
var p = new Process();
p.StartInfo.FileName = fileName;
p.StartInfo.Verb = "Print";

i want open multiple images from directory into this, how can i do it?
With Respect

1 solution

This should find all ".jpg" files in the folder "C:\Images".
DirectoryInfo d = new DirectoryInfo(@"C:\Images");
FileInfo[] Files = d.GetFiles("*.jpg");
foreach(FileInfo file in Files )
   var p = new Process();
   p.StartInfo.FileName = file.fileName;
   p.StartInfo.Verb = "Print";
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Avenger1 27-Feb-15 16:41pm    
it opened for 100 time for each image, i want to open once and show all images just like when you select all images then right click and click to print
HKHerron 27-Feb-15 21:05pm    
How many .jpg files are in c:\images?
Avenger1 28-Feb-15 0:12am    
between 100 to 1000 images are in that folder
HKHerron 28-Feb-15 10:32am    
OH, WOW. 100-1000 is a large range.
Did you try stepping through it in debug to see if the file.filename is actually changing through each file found? You can also add a line with int x = Files.Count(); and see how many files are found.

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