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Hello guys
I connect to microsoft sql server using this code:
wchar_t * sConStr = L"Driver={SQL SERVER};Server=MyServer;DataBase=MyDB;UID=;PWD=;";
wchar_t wszOutStr[256];
SQLRETURN retcode;
retcode = SQLDriverConnectW(m_hdbc, hWndMain, sConStr, wcslen(sConStr),
		wszOutStr, countof(wszOutStr), &uOutLen,
The connection takes two long(45 seconds today, 3 seconds yesterday).
I searched google to find proper connection strings, but most found was using odbc DSN, which I don't want to use. I want to connect directly to an existing database.
Can any one show me the right way to connect? any replies appreciated.
I'm new to odbc.

I found that I first I must connect to sql server, and then connect to database.
How can I connect in C? google search shows many results, which I don't want
Updated 2-Mar-15 10:37am
PIEBALDconsult 2-Mar-15 16:43pm
Dunno, maybe you should try Trusted_Connection=True ?
I have no delay connecting to a local database with:
barneyman 2-Mar-15 18:44pm
45 seconds sounds like it timed out ... Piebald's connection string is good for SQL, tho' hyou'll have to change the server name

IME ODBC is as fast as OLEDB, even out to Azure, so you shouldn't be experiencing slowness unless your LAN and/or DNS is flakey

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