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Dear All,

Here I came with a trouble. I have a zip file in my server. I am not suppose to download that zip file to extract its contents.

Eg., "" contains folder "test" with files "test1.jpg" & "test2.jpg".

I should not download "" folder but I should find files inside test folder placed inside that "".

If files available then I should download that jpg files and place it in my application path.

If this question is clear please help me to get out from this problem. I tried in net but I nothing to help me. Please help ASAP.

Start by looking at ZSharpLib[^] - it's pretty flexible about where the file is.

However, if the zip file is on a server, you will need direct access to the folder containing the file, and at least read permissions on that folder.
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My preferred and simple way ( as far I know) is through DotNetZip.
Through this you not only can read but also can manipulate files like add file, delete file etc.

However, since .Net 4.5 there a is method called ZipFile.OpenRead() through which you can read files.
Something like -
string zipPath = @"c:\example\";
            using (ZipArchive archive = ZipFile.OpenRead(zipPath))
                foreach (ZipArchiveEntry entry in archive.Entries)

Hope, it helps :)

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