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I have a VB.NET based Web application that has numerous controls in an update panel - Buttons, dropdownlists, and textboxes.

If I use any control other then a textbox to do a postback, I have no problems. If I use a textbox with the textchanged event as the event, I always get a Javascript error.

It is site wide, and not tied to a specific page. I have put a dummy button control on the page that has no code but just does a postback, and when using it upon entering the form before using a textbox, the page runs flawlessly until I start over with the form.

Any ideas?
Updated 17-Jun-10 6:09am
[no name] 17-Jun-10 9:43am    
It would be helpful to list the error you are getting.
Sandeep Mewara 17-Jun-10 11:10am    
What error? If other controls are working fine then textbox too should. Have you used any code specific for textbox?
vipsha 18-Jun-10 6:06am    
please just put some lines of code in your question, so any can understand easily
thanks, Mahesh Patel

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that is all depend on the error what you are getting,
since you said it is a Javascript Error, then i would like to tell you that the Error is raising before the postback, somewhere around where you are making the postback from TextBox.
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Sandeep Mewara 25-Jul-10 15:53pm    
Reason for my vote of 1
Why digging more than a month old question that OP himself has adandoned?
koool.kabeer 27-Jul-10 5:56am    
Dear Sandeep
it may wont help OP but may help others who see this post.....

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