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I have a trackchange package called `trackchange.sty` which will style the added or deleted text as in MS word. To use this package, `\add{text}` to add and `\remove{text}` to delete the string in the file and output will be in PDF format

For example:Track change pdf

So,my question is how to track the string which is added or deleted in a file. So that at the backend I could put `\add{}` or `\remove{}`tags wherever the strings are added or deleted , to create a PDF with trackchanges output.

If I have any logic to achieve this, only then I could try something to show here.But I don't have any logic to work out this, I just need some hint how to do this using PHP
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-15 3:16am    
I wоnder why?
Vidhya Raju 10-Mar-15 4:10am    
I need some indication where the strings are added or deleted then I will replace that string with \add{string} as such so I will get output with track change.So how to capture the added or deleted string
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-15 7:40am    
And why doing all that?
Vidhya Raju 10-Mar-15 9:56am    
I'm in the process of creating editor using PHP. Editor is for latex language. A latex is a language to create a PDF with desired template. Latex has a package called "trackchange.sty", which will give the output with trackchanged style in the pdf output. To use this package,have to let the package know wherever the strings are added or deleted by using the tags "\add{text}" or "\remove{text}". So, wherever that package finds these text it will style the text which has tags. Now in my editor, how can I capture the added or deleted text so that I could put these tags at the backend and output a PDF with track changes effect.
Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov 10-Mar-15 10:50am    
Sounds pretty interesting, thank for answering.

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